Special online broadcast: Warsaw Latin Convention on IMI Radio!

Project Warsaw Latin Convention has the honor to introduce a short series of broadcasts about polish cooperation with Latin America.

The project was set up in 2015 by a student of Faculty of Law and Administration at University of Warsaw. The aim of the project is to strength relation between Latin America and Poland, as well as to give the opportunity to students to learn about politics, law, economy and culture.

The second broadcast, on March 19, 2017, will be mainly on Chile since my guest - María Gabriela Vásquez –is the Chilean coordinator of the project.

Spend with us this Sunday evening and learn, among other:

- which are the biggest tribes in South America,

- where do they live,

-what is their language,

- what are their conditions of living,

- how do they preserve their traditions,

- does the government protect them.

Listen to IMI Radio and spend with us your Sunday evening!
Sunday, March 19, 19:00 hrs (central european time)

Program available online: http://imiradio.pl/play.html