Use the Office

The Multicultural Center in Warsaw starts the Incubator of Migrants Initiatives aimed at organizations and migrant communities in Warsaw. We create a space, which facilitates migrant communities’ development and self-organization in our city.
The Incubator aims to cooperate with leaders of different migrant communities, supporting them in rising their competences and establishing own organizations. The Incubator’s offer includes:
  • private office for migrant community/organization (!),
  • possibility to use the entire space of the Center,
  • expert consultations (accountancy, registration of organizations, implementation of the projects etc.),
  • workshops and other programmes and initiatives
Incubator’s offer is free – migrant communities/organizations are expected to implement their own projects in return.
Realizing the aims of Incubator, Center announces a permanent call for proposals for migrant communities/organizations of Warsaw, willing to use the offices of the Multicultural Center.
All persons interested in the offer of Incubator and the offices within the Center please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.