Foundation for the Multicultural Center in Warsaw

The Foundation for the Multicultural Center was founded in December 2013 by a group of Warsaw organizations gathering migrants and working for migrants.
The main aim of the foundation is supporting and managing the Multicultural Center in Warsaw.

The Foundation also supports other actions for the comprehensive and subjective participation of foreigners, migrants, ethnic, national and cultural minorities in Warsaw, which is a shared concern of the foundation and other organizations. Those actions refer to both historical and contemporary identity of the multicultural Poland and Warsaw.

The Foundations’ Council is a continuation of the informal coalition of NGOs - established in 2009 – that made various steps to establish the Multicultural Center in Warsaw.

The Council is open for organization (foundations, associations), informal groups, and in some justified cases natural persons, who share foundation’s aims and have the necessary experience and knowledge.

In order to join the Council, organization should:
1. Get accustomed with the Statute of the Foundation and the Council’s Rules,
2. Obtain recommendations from two of the present members of the Council (a list below),
3. Fill in the Declaration and send it to the President of the Council.

On the admission of a new Council member decide other members of the Council; according to the Council’s Rules, the Council has right to ask the organization about providing all missing information.

Present members of the Council are (in brackets are the names of persons representing certain organizations):

1. Foundation ‘Africa Another Way’ (Mamadou Diouf)
2. ‘Other Space’ Foundation (Witek Hebanowski)
3. Foundation for Social Diversity (Katarzyna Kubin)
4. ‘Open Art’ Foundation (Ewa Goc)
5. ‘Our Choice’ Foundation (Mira Keryk)
6. Association for Integration of Foreigners SIC! (Kamila Nocuń)
7. SIETAR Poland Association (Katarzyna Artemiuk)
8. Stowarzyszenie Wolnego Słowa (Robert Krzysztoń)
9. ‘Adulis’ Foundation (Senait Cieplińska)
10. ‘Świat na Wyciągnięcie Ręki’ Foundation (Michalina Jarmuż)
11. Foundation for Somalia (Jagoda Jabłońska)
12. ‘Transkultura i Dialog Międzykulturowy’ Foundation (Tuong Ngo Van)
13. ‘Never Again’ Association (Jacek Purski)
14. Somalii Community in Poland (Patrycja Kozieł)
15. ‘Klamra’ Foundation (Piotr Cykowski)
16. ‘Strefa Wolnosłowa’ Foundation (Alicja Borkowska)
17. ‘Cultures of the World’ Foundation (Aleksandra Gutowska)
18. ‘Centrum Afro-Kultury Baobab’ Foundation (Abdou Aziz Seck)
President of the Council: Myroslava Keryk

Abdou Aziz Seck, Mamadou Diouf, Witek Hebanowski,Senait Cieplińska, Antonina Iwaszkiewicz

Members of the Audit Committee of the First Cadence:
Ton Van Anh, Ewa Goc, Małgorzata Topczewska

All questions concerning Foundation:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.