Multicultural Center In Warsaw - The Idea

Wlodzimierz Paszyński, the Deputy Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw said: “The Multicultural Center is established to provide the representatives of different cultures – no matter how long they stay in Warsaw – a place where they can feel like home.” To achieve this, Multicultural Center will integrate actions and encourage municipal offices and institutions as well as NGOs to cooperation – this includes institutions implementing projects for foreigners, but also organizations representing migrant communities. Since 2010, the representatives of the Capital City of Warsaw and coalition of NGOs had been working together on the concept and major aims of the Center. 

Mutually established plans concern:

– for foreigners seeking the information concerning local governments’ programmers and non-governmental initiatives prepared especially for them; the offices or cultural offer, as well as for the citizens of Warsaw and tourists willing to get information about multicultural capital.

– activation of foreigners – to make them comprehensibly active in Warsaw, and to provide support for migrant communities implement their own integrative projects and actions.

Education – support for educational actions concerned with multiculturalism, integration, education in the multicultural environment, Polish language learning; but also education about multicultural heritage as well as the  multicultural face of the contemporary Warsaw.

– support for all cultural activities implemented by representatives of different foreign groups; support for international cultural projects and interactive exhibition concerning multicultural heritage of Warsaw.

– the main challenge of this field is to implement comprehensive researches on migration in Warsaw on regular basis.

According to the established assumptions the Multicultural Center in Warsaw will become an independent unit managed by close cooperation of the local government of Warsaw and coalition of specialized NGOs. Center should have a fixed address – a place for meetings of people, organizations and institutions connected with multicultural aspect of the Capital – a place for exchange of the ideas.

During the work meetings in July 2011, based in Social Communication Centre, a pilot plan of actions on the years 2012-2013 was establishes and then introduced to the Deputy Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw.

Hitherto, the concept of the Centre was established with the participation of representatives of the following offices (municipal structures), institutions and NGOs: the Deputy Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw, Social Communication Centre, Culture Office spokesmen, Education Office, Social Policy Office, Warsaw Family Support Centre, Warsaw Social-Education Innovations Centre, Caritas, ‘Africa Another Way’ Foundation, Foundation for Somalia, Foundation for Social Diversity, Other Space Foundation, ‘Our Choice’ Foundation, Observatory Foundations, Pro Cultura Foundation, Foundation for Development ‘Beyond Borders’, ‘Artera Arts’ Foundation, French Institute in Warsaw, Caucasus Nations Culture Institute, Public Affairs Institute, International Organization for Migration (IOM), ‘Autokreacja’ Association, House of Caucasus Association, ‘Pasaż Antro’ Association, Association for Legal Intervention, ‘Świat na wyciągnięcie ręki’ Foundation, Transcultur Foundation, Free Word , Palestinian Community, Intercultural Dialogue Association, Pro Humanum Association, Polish Migration Forum.

At present, the Foundation for the Multicultural Center in Warsaw consists of 20 NGO’s from Warsaw.